Dewy Morning

28 Jul

A couple bits caught my eye while heading out to greet the aforementioned Ms. Boots

Too tired to ramble much today =)  But those are pink flowers are going to play a role in my love story with light later.


Ms. Boots

27 Jul

I befriend stray animals.  “Boots” has been wandering around here for a year and a half, but she was always extremely feral acting.  I started leaving out bits of food for her, I felt bad for the strays.  Slowly I started inching myself towards her, until one morning I reached out and petted her.  Her feral-ness around me melted completely.  She now greets me at least once a day.  She’ll often come up to our patio and lay there under the rocking chair.  I’ll go out to say hi and she’ll rub up against my legs and purr.

I think the reason I am so taken with her is because she seems so happy to see me everyday, while the 2 I have in my house send me death glares and I’m quite certain they would do away with me if only they could figure out how to operate the food bag.

Chalk Walk

15 Jul

I didn’t get to make it out to check out this year’s Chalk Walk at TRF while the artists were working or the images were fresh, but I still got a chance to check them out.  Despite the fact that they have faded and been driven over they are still so impressive!

After my adventures in Drawing Fundamentals I & II, I have a whole new appreciation for people who can draw and draw well.  And then throw pavement into the mix and pastels… truly impressive.

Traffic was flowing again as usual so I didn’t have a chance to stand out in the middle of the street and and check them all out, but a few that caught my eye….

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, LOVE IT!

Totally happy accident that I caught it how it was meant to appear, you can see the 3D quality!  You’ve probably seen the 3D sidewalk art somewhere during your adventures on the web but if not, check out some here

Like Dogs? I Got Your Dogs.

14 Jul

Tuesday night I ventured down to the annual Three Rivers Festival to watch and photograph the AKC Dog Show they do every year.  It is nothing ‘official’, just people with AKC registered pups who bring them to show off to the crowd… and it usually brings a pretty good sized one.  The cool part is, is that the owners of the dogs usually hang around before and after the show to do a little meet and greet with the crowd, so you even get to interact with the dogs, ask questions about the breed, etc.

I practically took pics of all the breeds so instead of posting hundreds of pics, how about a few of my faves.

One of the cutest parts of the dog show was seeing the kids interact with the dogs after the owners had walked them around the show ring.  They got so excited over them and every kid seemed to have their favorite breed that they wanted to crowd around.

And because they hold a special place in my heart, namely because I an owner of one… a little papillon spam.

The Fourth

6 Jul

This year we decided not to go see the city’s firework display.  25 minutes of fireworks just did not justify the fact that it would take us 1.5-2 hours (no exaggeration!) to get home due to parking/traffic when we live 10 minutes away on any normal day.

Last year we did brave the crowds because it was the first year to try out my new camera on the fireworks.  We managed to find parking the last minute, walked several blocks up to attempt to get a good view and mostly ended up with a lot of trees blocking any good view.  All my firework pics from last year include trees.  That and it was so muggy last year with no wind to speak of.  The smoke from the fireworks just clung in the air, obscuring the next firework and the cycle continued, until the end where we mostly were seeing color changing smoke and sparks.

It’s silly, but seeing fireworks on the 4th… well it just reminds me of being a kid.  We always went to go see fireworks on the 4th when I was growing up.  So those years that we’ve missed it… or didn’t do something 4th of July like, just a bummer!

So I decided to bust out the little portable charcoal grill and have a mini cookout. So while waiting for the charcoal to get heated and making sure nothing burned down in the meantime, I just sort of admired how beautifully fire photographs… all wispy…

We kept it simple…(behold the culinary masterpiece)

Now I can’t say I’ve never photographed a hot dog before.

As the sun went down I sat out on the patio and watched the various neighbors around us shooting off fireworks.  It was nice, just relaxing on my patio seeing pretty colors fill the sky.  As darkness came, our neighbors across the field decided once again this year to treat the neighborhood to their amazing firework display which lasted almost a full hour.  It was nearly as nice as the city’s firework display, and I didn’t even have to leave my patio for it.

Which brings me to the pictures I really wanted to share.  Last year I got to full fireworks pictures… background, foreground, the entire shape of each explosion in the sky.   Some day I want to take some of those pictures that news outlets always have splashed all over their webpages of firework displays on the 4th… with sparks and light streaks beaming down over a beautiful landmark or building.  But this year I zoomed in close and got all kinds of light streaks and explosions.

It’s funny to look at the pictures and realize that gee, nowadays pictures like these look like beginner level photoshop effects.  Some of the beauty in photography gets lost in comparison to other technology.  But for me, when I look at it, I’m always so in love with the fact that light does this/made this image.  It captured something our eyes could not. Think how amazing it would be if you control how your eyes and brain process images like a camera does… if you could stop time for a split second to see each individual flap of a hummingbird’s wings or if you could accumulate several seconds of sight for you to see it in one image.  It would be amazing.  And thanks to photography… we can have that.

My Muse

29 Jun

What have been the happiest days of your life?  Can you remember them clearly?

One of the happiest days of my life was the day this little guy entered the world:

He is not mine, yet in a way he is, as he is family.  I am an auntie, and I never could have imagined how rewarding that title could be.

The first time I laid eyes on him I was absolutely sure that my heart would just burst from joy.  How can you love someone so much that you just met?  How can you love someone so much who has done nothing to inspire the feelings other than being born?  I’m convinced the babies born into our families give us the closest taste of unconditional love we can experience in this realm.

I asked how could I possibly love him more, than I do at this very moment of first laying eyes upon him.  And the most amazing thing is that you do.

He just turned one and each time I see him I love him more and more and am more and more attached to this individual he is developing into.  The baby blob stage is heart melting, but there is just something about when they begin to interact with you….

It breaks down every wall you ever had and makes you remember how to feel like a kid again and just let go.

I am grateful every single day that this soul was chosen for our family.  This one let me see my sister become a mommy, my mom become a grandmother, my brother become an uncle, me become an aunt.

Happy birthday Tristin!  We showered you love and affection and plenty of gifts.  Your simple existence for this short fleeting year has already paid us back with more than we could ever give.  My biggest wish for you is that you grow up knowing how loved you really are.  From the day we learned that you would soon join us, we knew life was about to forever change.  I don’t think anybody could really grasp though, what a beautiful change it would turn out to be!


28 Jun

One of the things that got lost to me as I’ve spent the last year and a half investigating more of the business side of photography (and it so amazing that in that time frame I’ve barely scraped the surface) is just taking my camera out and exploring the world with it.  Actually creating with it, not just creating a product.

I used to take pictures of just about anything and everything… just to see how I could make it look, what angles I could get… just basically creating more than just a picture but these tiny snippets of art with my camera that reflected my life and my journeys.

I stopped doing that in the random chaos.  It was like keeping a journal, checking back in with it, and realizing a huge chunk of time had went by since you last opened it.  A gap in your life was missing.

So one morning while I was still awake as the sun was rising I decided to put insomnia to use.  I just went out and sat on my patio and looked around.  I never appreciate life and the world as much as I do when looking at it through a lens.

The sun rising and bouncing through the leaves and petals of my hibiscus tree…

Looking at the texture and colors of the flowers I had recently planted….

And just looking at the things that had been there for months, in a slightly different perspective…