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#togtuesday 9/28

29 Sep

This week @thetrudz asked photographers to share their favorite travel images as well as any other photo they wished to contribute to #togtuesday on Twitter.

I decided to keep it local, and share a picture I did while playing tourist in my own city one afternoon (which if you’ve never done, I highly recommend… great way to see your everyday surroundings with fresh eyes). One thing I do love about this place is it is full of some beautiful churches. I’m a sucker for some great architecture. What made this shot though was more about the sky…

church, photography, sky, blue, architecture, buildings

@dmarieontwitt tweeted this image from someone followed on Facebook and commented on the beautiful texture. I couldn’t agree more! I love this image because I feel like I could reach out and touch it.

@TiffAsheTweet tweeted this gorgeous Paris street scene that makes you feel like you’re right there watching the people pass by.

@thetrudz shared one of her own favorites and I can see why it is, it has so much personality!

@LensArtwork showed us that creepy abandoned toys can be aesthetically pleasing and showed us what would happen if vacuums decided they were tired of sucking (pun intended, har) and decided to fight back.

@raymour shared “They Keyhole by Rodrigo Marin. Click! The perspective is beautiful.

@ssorensenphoto shared her image of Quiet Morning on the Water in Croatia. I love that you can feel the stillness in this image. And I love the capture of water meeting sky.

@bbui’s image is proof enough for me that lighting can make a shot.

@pabloconrad tweeted this image that I fell in love with. Something about the warmness of the sunrise(or sunset?) and the coolness of the earth really works for me.

@1morespoon proved that symmetry in photography does not have to be boring with this image. And the part of me that adores balance adores this.  Also tweeted was The King which is a must click, absolutely beautiful and majestic. And finally Train Stop #5 which invites you to begin writing a story in your head.

@draekko tweeted Midnight Passengers, and image I find calming yet haunting at the same time.