#togtuesday 9/21

24 Sep

Meant to get my faves up from #togtuesday early Wednesday, but well life happens I suppose.

I must express that I am always so amazed by the images that get posted on this day, they are all stunning in their own ways.  And following photographers on Twitter (finally, I had no idea where to find you guys for a while lol) has exposed me to amazing images every day!

This is the first week I got to computer while it was still Tuesday and shared one of my favorite images I have done:

newborn photography, black & white, photography

This was *the* shot that I wanted to get when my nephew was born last year.  I achieved it.  More difficult than you would think, babies flail… a lot.  No better feeling though than opening up the pics for post processing and seeing it there, realizing I had got it despite the rush to get it done before he flung mommy & daddy’s wedding bands across the room.

Now on to some of my favorite images from around Twitter on this #togtuesday!

@eyejewels shared this image from Pup Aid 2010 of a very happy looking dog and proud owner. I love the emotion expressed in this, from both dog and owner and the perspective.

@mauiphotofest tweeted this image by wedding photographer Natalie Brown and congratulated her on her win.

@elbirth tweeted a unique and beautiful image that just makes you want to look twice and then look again.

@raymour shared this beautiful ethereal image by Alexey Zhaleika entitled “Flights”.

@nirajpatelphoto tweeted a stunning view of Machu Picchu as well as a beautiful frozen Chicago skyline.

@1morespoon tweeted this beautiful portrait Asiko on Shutterchance and these  gripping soulful eyes by @alakija.

Several tweeted this make yah smile macro image by Dutch photographer Leon Baas.

Next is a gorgeous self portrait from @TiffAsheTweet.

@bbui showed us a bench with a view and made me wish I was there.

And last but not least what caught my eye this week… @eventexposures tweeted a macro image with amazing color.

Thanks for all the images this week guys, it makes me look forward to Tuesdays!


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