Chalk Walk

15 Jul

I didn’t get to make it out to check out this year’s Chalk Walk at TRF while the artists were working or the images were fresh, but I still got a chance to check them out.  Despite the fact that they have faded and been driven over they are still so impressive!

After my adventures in Drawing Fundamentals I & II, I have a whole new appreciation for people who can draw and draw well.  And then throw pavement into the mix and pastels… truly impressive.

Traffic was flowing again as usual so I didn’t have a chance to stand out in the middle of the street and and check them all out, but a few that caught my eye….

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, LOVE IT!

Totally happy accident that I caught it how it was meant to appear, you can see the 3D quality!  You’ve probably seen the 3D sidewalk art somewhere during your adventures on the web but if not, check out some here


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