My Muse

29 Jun

What have been the happiest days of your life?  Can you remember them clearly?

One of the happiest days of my life was the day this little guy entered the world:

He is not mine, yet in a way he is, as he is family.  I am an auntie, and I never could have imagined how rewarding that title could be.

The first time I laid eyes on him I was absolutely sure that my heart would just burst from joy.  How can you love someone so much that you just met?  How can you love someone so much who has done nothing to inspire the feelings other than being born?  I’m convinced the babies born into our families give us the closest taste of unconditional love we can experience in this realm.

I asked how could I possibly love him more, than I do at this very moment of first laying eyes upon him.  And the most amazing thing is that you do.

He just turned one and each time I see him I love him more and more and am more and more attached to this individual he is developing into.  The baby blob stage is heart melting, but there is just something about when they begin to interact with you….

It breaks down every wall you ever had and makes you remember how to feel like a kid again and just let go.

I am grateful every single day that this soul was chosen for our family.  This one let me see my sister become a mommy, my mom become a grandmother, my brother become an uncle, me become an aunt.

Happy birthday Tristin!  We showered you love and affection and plenty of gifts.  Your simple existence for this short fleeting year has already paid us back with more than we could ever give.  My biggest wish for you is that you grow up knowing how loved you really are.  From the day we learned that you would soon join us, we knew life was about to forever change.  I don’t think anybody could really grasp though, what a beautiful change it would turn out to be!


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